The CEPS business model fills the requirement for equity finance in the unquoted area of the market that has been all but abandoned by the well-known private equity providers. There is currently a gap in the market sub £10 million and very definitely £2 million to £5 million. CEPS aims to fill that gap.

The model is based on the acquisition of majority shareholdings in private companies which have steady profit growth and a history of profitability and cash generation.

What we offer to business owners and managers

We offer prospective MBOs and owner managers some significant key benefits:

  • Companies operate on a stand-alone basis
  • Funding is available to grow the company
  • Existing management is incentivised through geared equity
  • Repayment of preference shares and loan stock from strong cash flow
  • Interest on loan stock, and dividends on preference shares and ultimately dividends on ordinary shares
  • Possibility for de-merger and AIM flotation or trade sale for more successful companies

There are no time pressures to achieve an exit for shareholders as our business model is based on a long-term approach.

The financial, business and management knowledge provided by our board of directors combines with the drive and determination of the existing management to provide an entrepreneurial partnership for profitable growth.

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What we offer to CEPS shareholders

These are some of the ways in which the CEPS model is structured to increase shareholder value:

  • Steady growth from the CEPS group companies
  • Acquisition of additional subsidiaries from the group cash flow
  • Intent to provide a strong and rising dividend stream

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