Qualitas Compliance is the sister company to Morgan Lambert and was established in 2012 to provide similar Gas Safety Audit consultancy in the private sector, working with large national gas contractors.

Why Qualitas Compliance Ltd chose to partner with CEPS

Although operating in a slightly different area of expertise, Qualitas Compliance Ltd provide quality control in construction, like many other of the Hickton Group subsidiaries. It was important for the next step in their journey to partner with likeminded, construction professionals whilst ensuring access to important centralised group functions such as financial monitoring, marketing and tenders. Given the success that Hickton Group and CEPS had seen working together, it was an easy decision to join the group.

The benefits of being part of the group

Working alongside compatible businesses with centralised support functions and a passion for improving quality standards in construction has been refreshing for Millington Lord Ltd. CEPS have allowed the core business values and beliefs to remain at the heart of service delivery whilst offering invaluable support where needed.

We look forward to the Hickton Group continuing to promote quality and the highest standards on construction projects and in buildings, with Morgan Lambert and Qualitas being integral to our continued success going forward.
The Management Team

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Amber Court
51 Church Street
S74 8HT

T 01925 377278
E info@qualitascompliance.com
W qualitascompliance.com

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T 01225 483030
E info@cepsplc.com

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