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Hickton Consultants Ltd was founded in 1991 and today is the UK’s leading independent provider of quality site inspectors which include specialist clerk of works and NEC supervisors to monitor the quality of UK construction projects. Services include building, M&E and landscaping, Clerk of Works services, NEC supervision, technical reviews, audit and coaching and condition surveys.

In May 2017, Hickton Consultants Ltd acquired BRCS (Building Control) Ltd through Hickton Holdings Ltd, a company established by the group, to offer a unique inspection service for clients.

Why Hickton Consultants Ltd chose to partner with CEPS

The partnership with CEPS allowed the founder of the business, Tony Hickton, to retire whilst keeping his wish for the business not to become part of a conglomerate after his retirement and for the existing management team and personnel to be retained.

The Managing Director, Tony Mobbs, has maintained business operations as normal with a smooth transition into the group. He leads a highly motivated team who successfully manage the day-to-day operations of the business and the company continues to provide an award-winning service for its nationwide clients.

The benefits of being part of the group

Tony Mobbs finds being part of CEPS is re-assuring and the partnership has added value to the company since Hickton Consultants Ltd joined in 2016. As well as financial management by financial accounting professionals, he benefits from having access to high level business support which brings insight and strategic direction to the business.

The CEPS team bring valuable strategic skills and insight into my business. They are a professional team that have good perception relating to market and financial trends. It was CEPS who saw the possibility of acquiring BRCS (Building Control) Ltd, and managed the operational process, which was a successful strategic

Tony Mobbs, Managing Director

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