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ceps for shareholders

This CEPS business model fills the requirement for equity finance in the unquoted area of the market that has been all but abandoned by the well-known private equity providers. There is currently a gap in the market sub 10 million and very definitely 2 million to 5 million. At CEPS plc, we aim to fill that gap.

For our shareholders, we aim to provide:

bullet point Steady growth from underlying companies

bullet point Repayment of bank debt from strong cash flow

bullet point Repayment of preference shares and loan stock from strong cash flow

bullet point Interest on loan stock, and dividends on preference shares and ultimately dividends on ordinary shares

bullet point Acquisition of additional CEPS subsidiaries from cash flow and opportunities for refinancing to release further capital on periodic occasions

bullet point Possibility for de-merger and AIM flotation or trade sale for more successful companies

bullet point Once sufficient capital has been raised no further equity issued by CEPS as all subsequent transactions will be financed from recycled funds

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